A reverence for roots and pioneers

Maxonic was founded in 1932 by Japan Acoustic Electric Co., Ltd., which was born in 1973, cancel the production of mass-produced products that had been delivered to theaters and public facilities until then, and unified its operations in the development and manufacture of high-end speakers.
At that time, Japan Acoustics Electric Co., Ltd. has commissioned the design and manufacture of speaker magnetic circuits to Yutaka Steel Co., Ltd., the predecessor of our company, in the development of Maxonic's products. After that, Japan Acoustic Electric Co., Ltd. has announced a number of products in partnership with Yutaka Steel Co., Ltd. and other cooperating companies, but with the death of President Kobayashi due to the crash of the Japan aircraft Flight 123 occurred in 1985,

Unfortunately, with the Maxonic brand, we were forced to close in mid-will.
Although the company's history as a corporation with Japan Acoustic Electric Co., Ltd. is completely different, it was established by the volunteer who inherited the know-how of maxonic from the relationship as a cooperating company at the time, and wanted to leave the idea and the technology to posterity.
We have revived the Maxonic brand in a new form, and we are now working to provide the world of good old and new sounds, including the SIT amplifier, the exciting speaker system and various units.
Maxonic, as a music listener, believes that it is our mission to deliver the passion that artists and sound engineers put into their work.
And the passion we pour into product development is reflected in our products as a tribute to the people, artists, and sound engineers who have built up the history of audio.
Developing and producing audio products is nothing more than a bridge between artists and sound engineers and listeners without having to lose their audio history.
The reason is that music can be a food for those who want to enjoy music with an open mind, not to be willing to be passionate about, and to find the incomparable joy of enjoying the musical. In the development of audio products, Maxonic aims to become one of the attainment points of the developed form, which is the source of the very best technology they have pioneered, without ever forgetting the respect for those who have built up the history of audio.