A reverence for roots and pioneers

You are about to open the door to new world of the unprecedented enchantment and fascination to indulge in the supreme bliss full of true, authentic music that is offered by the Maxonic unique, impeccable, and hard-assembled gear available in the today's Hi-End audio marketplace, whose details you can enjoy in the following section.

The Nippon Acoustic Electric Corporation (NAEC) founded 1932 proudly introduced onto the marketplace the "Maxonic" audio speaker systems in ca. 1970 when they reshuffled the organization stopping the mass-production of speakers supplied to the theatres, public facilities, et cetera and concentrating the major activities upon today's so-called Hi-End audio products. At that time the R & D jobs of the magnetic circuitry were entrusted to Yutaka Steel Corporation the predecessor of the current SRC Incorporated.
Unfortunately, both of the NAEC and the brand Maxonic once disappeared without achieving the expected objects with the demise of the then president without Mr,. Kobayashi at the JAL's air-crash in 1985.
Though no financial link exists between the NAEC, the Maxonic was grandly resurrected by the SRC Incorporated formed afresh with all the ardent supporters concerned who intend to inherit the bequeathed philosophy and technology, and now we are gaining a certain foothold in the industry slowly but steadily with the exciter speakers, SIT amplifiers, etc. for gradual expansion as a unique audio manufacturer.
We are developing products based on a mission to deliver the very passion that artist and engineer put into their works to listeners just as it stands.
Our passion for such R & D is vividly reflected on the Maxonic products which show our deep respect and hearted homage to the pioneer designers who have built up the history of audio as well as the related artist and acoustic engineers.
To design and manufacture audio products is nothing but to construct a bridge between artists/engineers and listeners, and we sincerely keep on development and manufacture of the audio components for impeccable reproduction of the recorded sounds: for music is spiritual nourishment for those audiophiles.
We Maxonic, never forgetting the above respect for the pioneers, do our best to product the components as the culmination of advance/evolution arising from the existing outstanding technology.