Static Induction Transistor

SIT(Static Induction Transistor)

Junichi Nishizawa This is the only semiconductor device developed by Tohoku University Professor Emeritus.
It utilizes the electrostatic induction effect, it can cope with large current, consumes little power, reduces the channel resistance to the limit, realizes low internal resistance, high speed operation, low loss.
It is a semiconductor device with excellent characteristics, which enables faithful amplification to the input signal waveform.
Characteristic Effect
Triode vacuum tube characteristics Less odd harmonic distortion
Equal μ characteristic, linearity is good Low voltage amplification distortion
High voltage amplification factor Low voltage drive
High frequency characteristics are good The product of the gain bandwidth is wide and the phase distortion is small
Less generation noise Less internally generated noise
Low output impedance Good output transformer characteristics can be obtained
Lifespan is semi-permanent There is no characteristic change with time
It is difficult for thermal runaway It is hard to break