V / Tube & SIT O.T.L Integrated Amplifier
SD-016_.jpgThe greatest Fortissimo like swinging down the hammer, the rising of a sharp sound that will be seriously and instantaneously slashing ... Accepts a variety of music sources that change every moment with an excellent allowance of the vacuum tube, It achieved high-level repeatability of outputting in a flowing manner without stagnation with the only domestic device SIT with excellent linearity.

Various protection functions are installed as a measure to protect cooling fans and devices to cope with temperature rise, which negatively affects music playback.
Encounters of different elements such as vacuum tube and SIT and circuit composed of Non-NFB and Output-Transfomer-Less reproduce the flow of a flowing music that does not know where the inrush prevention delay protection function stays, and sleeps until now The performance of the speakers that have been going to start moving.
The sound that emerges from the deeper layer fills the sound field space and moves to a new stage of sound.


Rated output 50W+50W (8ohm)/ Stereo 
Frequency characteristic 20Hz to 100,000Hz
Total harmonic distortion ratio 0.1% or less (20Hz to 100,000Hz)
Power supply voltage AC100V (50Hz/60Hz)
Power consumption 200W (As stipulated by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)
Pre input specification Input 1 to 3 unbalanced / line input
Main input specification Input 4 unbalance / preamplifier input
Circuit configuration Non-NFB, AB class
Maximum external dimensions(mm) W430xD363xH197
Weight 22Kg