<Miyabi> was developed with the aim of transmitting the original form of music without impairing the sense of energy that exists as a sure in the music source.

<Miyabi> is a line cable developed aiming at the original appearance of the music as it is without damaging the energy sense firmly existing in the music source.
By eliminating decoration / processing on sound and telling the device instantly and instantly the energy feeling of ever-changing music sources, it is the faithfulness to sound, all involved in the work such as artists and recording engineers etc. Because people think that passion will be reproduced.
In order to realize its ideal transmission copper wire does not adopt high purity copper and coating does not use synthetic resin made of mineral oil type or colored pigment containing metal.
Core wire coating is silk, casing is impregnated with protein solution, and dyeing is done by plant dyeing.

<Miyabi> is an audio line cable that, as its name suggests, is innocent and sophisticated, and it can realize a rich sound field that is full of spirit and taste by bringing out the original performance of peripheral equipment.


Core / shielded wire Pure copper
Core insulation cover Silk
Exterior cover Woven cotton (plant dyeing)
Connector type Brass / Pure copper gold plating
Connector specification RCA / Collet chuck type
Cable length - 1.0m / - 1.5m
Directionality Output → Maxonic(Logo) → Input