<Yuuga> not only improves the outer cotton coat, avoids its electrostatic influence, but also focuses on the electromagnetic influence resulting from the structure of the transmission system itself, and realizes a structure realizing a structure to avoid it
Maxonic 幽雅
Maxonic noticed not only the material and shape of the core wire, shield wire, and connector material of the core transmission system, but also the material of the insulation coating in the vicinity thereof, greatly influence signal transmission in cables and so on It was.
Although it is impossible for the transmission system to escape from the influence of the surrounding material, it is impossible to escape, but avoid using colored pigments containing synthetic resins and metals derived from mineral oil, and by adopting silk, cotton, We have developed products such as "Miyabi" and "Hibiki" aiming at alleviating the problem, realizing ideal signal transmission.
In other words, the cable covering etc. have selected peripheral materials and applied it in order to avoid the electrostatic influence that is produced ... ... "Yuuga" has newly improved the outer cotton covering, In addition to reducing the electrostatic influence further, we focused on the electromagnetic influence resulting from the structure of the transmission system itself and realized a structure to avoid it.
By avoiding electrostatic influence by selecting the material of the insulator / avoidance of electromagnetic influence by improvement of the structure of the transmission system · · · "Yuuga" makes it even more ideal to signal transmission It reaches the line cable that opens a new horizon of sound.


Core / shielded wire Pure copper
Core coating Silk
Exterior / shield coating Woven cotton (plant dyeing)
Connector type RCA / Collet chuck type
Connector specification Brass / Pure copper gold plating
Cable length - 1.0m / - 1.5m
Directionality Yes