<Fuga> has realized a structure to avoid the electromagnetic influence caused by the structure and shape of the signal path itself, and the material of the shielded wire has also been uniquely improved to improve the electrical characteristics.

Maxonic has focused on the fact that minerals and metals contained in the insulation coating of cables have a great adverse effect on signal transmission.
The lineup of interconnect cables "Miyabi" and speaker cables "Hibiki" is a product that realizes the concept of eliminating harmful electrostatic effects as much as possible by adopting silk and cotton as an insulating cover.
And while inheriting this concept, <Fuga> pays attention to the electromagnetic influence caused by the structure of the signal path itself, and in order to avoid it, improve the shape and structure of the shielded wire and further improve the electrical characteristics by unique improvements of the material.
<Fuga> is an epoch-making interconnect cable with electrostatic, magnetic and electrical features.


Core wire Pure copper
Shielded wire Organic fiber
Core insulation cover Silk
Exterior cover Woven cotton
Connector type RCA / Collet chuck type
Connector specification Brass / Pure copper gold plating
Cable length - 1.0m
Directionality Output → Maxonic(Logo) → Input