Field excitation speaker system (rear open type)
TW1500_.jpgBoth the woofer section, horn section, and tweeter are excited 3way systems.
With DS701 / DS702 genetic inheritance, it is equipped with the new Maxon DS703 which embodied the latest and best structure.
The DS703 consists of a new type magnetic circuit which excelled the leakage magnetic flux of the pole piece as much as possible and succeeded in maximally suppressing the loss of the magnetic flux as much as possible.
The woofer's magnetic circuit adopts coils of specifications enabling the supply of voltage of 16 V to realize even more powerful low frequency reproduction, inherited from DS 702, by arranging the diaphragm behind the magnetic circuit, The limit load is applied, and the rear open type enclosure forms the supreme sound field space.


Model Exciting 2 way dual speaker unit (DS 703) + tear drip power tweeter (T 501)
Instant maximum input 150W
Rated input 30W
Reproduction frequency characteristic 25Hz to 25000Hz
Efficiency 106dB
Impedance 8ohm
Crossover frequency 1000Hz/7000Hz(DN330)
External dimensions (W)600×(H)1125×(D)480
Weight 110Kg