Coaxial / fully in-phase 15-inch excitation type speaker

The DS701 is an excitation type unit that places woofer and squawker diaphragm on the same plane, achieves coaxial in-phase and time alignment zero, and exerts excellent performance in not only sound energy sense but also sound field space formation


Model Exciting 2 way dual speaker unit
Instant maximum input 150W
Rated input 30W
Reproduction frequency characteristic 25Hz to 20000Hz
Efficiency 104dB
Impedance 8ohm
Crossover frequency 1000Hz
Treble unit magnetic flux density 20000gauss
Bass unit magnetic flux density 16000gauss
Treble unit V. C diameter φ45mm
Bass unit V. C diameter φ76mm
Treble unit excitation voltage 12VDC
Bass unit excitation voltage 12VDC
External dimensions φ402×φ200×H318(mm)
Weight 40Kg