POWER tweeter unit
The T501 has an excitation type compression driver mounted on the vibration system.The front panel designed horn road short, suppressing exciting sounds on the auditory sense. Furthermore, in order to maximize the efficiency of the compression driver, Threefold's gunmetal equalizer and a teardrop type equalizer are adopted, and a high-frequency regeneration with a high efficiency of 20000 gauss and excitation type unique high-frequency characteristics It is realized.


Model number Excited teardrop power tweeter unit
Instant maximum input 60W
Rated input 30W
Reproduction frequency characteristic 3000Hz to 25000Hz
Efficiency 110dB
Impedance 8ohm
Magnetic flux density 20000gauss
V. C Diameter φ45mm
Excitation voltage 12VDC
External dimensions φ150×D150(mm)
Weight 13Kg